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Hello ~ Are you ready to travel again? I thought a trip up north would be nice. A trip to the dairy state. So hop in the "57 Chevy

Sit back and relax and enjoy the scenery. Wisconsin brings to mind Cheese and that means Cows, but there is more to the state than that, so let's go see what we can find out. As we enter the state, up the road a-piece, we notice they have a

"Welcome Station"

located by the side of the road. And I always like to be "Welcome" where-ever I go, don't you? So let's make our first stop here. I see they have a chart here listing all of this states symbols, lets check it out.

the State FLOWER=Wood Violet
the State Wildlife Animal
the State BIRD=Robin
the State Dog
the State Domestic Pet
Wisconsin was the 30th state to
enter the Union on May 29.1848 and
it's constitution was adopted at
that time also.

Wisconsin got it's name from
the Chippewa Indian meaning
"grassy place"!

And the State Dance is
"the PoLkA"!~! Click on the button (on top) to hear the State Song and you'll hear a bit of pOlKa in the music!
but__ I don't think the Indians
did the PoLkA.(ha ha)
the State Beverage=MILK
the State FISH=Muskey
the State INSECT=HoneyBee
the State DOMESTIC Animal

The Wisconsin state flag, recently the residents of the state, voted to have their states' name added to the top of the flag.
The coat of arms shown here presents the
19th century occupations ~
The miner and sailor serve as
supporters of the shield,
with a crest above saying
"the Badger State" and the
state motto of "Forward".

Well my goodness, I have now learned more about Wisconsin than I knew before. Shall we continue on our journey. There is so much to see, the cities and the countryside, the forest and the lakes. Get comfortable buckle up, we are on our way....

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