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In 1998 the state was 150 years old. And it all started with just 3 Indian tribes. The WINNEBAGO, the SIOUX DAKATO and the MENOMINEE Indians. Later on the OTTOWA and the HURON and the OJIBWAY moved in and moved the first 2 out.

The Sauk had their leader BLACK HAWK lead them to defeat, in the great BLACK HAWK WAR in 1832. The war lasted just 15 weeks, ending on August 1, 1832, at the Battle of Bad Axe, Wisconsin.

BLACK HAWK surrendered to officials at Fort Crawford. The defeated warrior was imprisoned and sent east to meet with President Andrew Jackson and other government officials. Eventually the U. S. government sent him to live with surviving members of the Sauk and Fox nation.Good thing the war was over by the time the state entered the Union.

Few states are defined by water as is Wisconsin. The state's entire eastern border is the shoreline of Lake Michigan.

Lake Superior fronts northwestern Wisconsin, which wears Michigan's Upper Peninsula like a hat separating lakes Superior and Michigan.

The Mississippi River rises in Wisconsin's western neighbor, Minnnesota, and forms much of the border between the two states.

A major tributary of the Mississippi, the St. Croix River continues Wisconsin's western border northward towards Lake Superior.

Wisconsin's driest border separates it from Illinois on the south.

Let's take a lttle tour of the Dells area of Wisconsin...

Situated in the central part of the state, the dells are remarkable stone formations carved by glaciers back in the early days...

The dells are along, and on either side of the Wisconsin river for a stretch of just over 7 miles.

The town that's called Wisconsin Dells is situated about two thirds of the way through this geological wonder.

The natural beauty of the dells has attracted millions of people over the years, and you know what that means.. Those millions of tourists have resulted in what seems like millions of tourist traps. For a relatively small area, there is an absolutely incredible amount of entertainment, lodging, water parks, restaurants, go-kart tracks, miniature golf courses, regular golf courses, you name it..... And if you visit that area during the prime summer months, be prepared for crowds like you won't believe. But if you go there after Labor Day, it is a most wonderful, relatively quiet place to visit.

Breath-taking Photos! The boat tour is about 2 1/2 hours long and there are both the upper dells and lower dells. If you must choose, it is recommended you go the upper-dells tour.

Well we are still on tour of the state ~ lets see where we can go next. How about a little hilltop community with a fabulous view of the countryside. After all they are on a hill top!

This Grant County village currently has a population just under 1000. The settlement of Dickeysville (later known as Dickeyville) was named in 1849 after Charles Dickey, an early settler (1841) and surveyor from Pennsylvania. He operated this first store at the intersection of the current highways 151, 61 & 35 in the center of the village.
The dry goods store also sold groceries, boots, shoes, clothing and farm machinery. He owned the store for nineteen years and during that time he held public offices and surveyed Grant County. Several years ago the surveying tools he used were returned to Grant County Court House by his daughter.
The Dickey family moved further west in 1872 and settled in Phillipsburg, Kansas where Charles Dickey died at the age of 90.

Now looking around the countryside, what do you think we find ~>

Small chapels such as this one can still be seen in the region of NE Wisconsin settled by Belgian farmers. There is an altar inside covered with religious images and remembrances of the ones who have died.

European immigrants with cheesemaking skills settled in Wisconsin, and what began as a cottage industry became a significant Wisconsin business. Today, Wisconsin produces more than 35 percent of all cheese made in the United States, making "America's Dairyland" the country's top cheese producer. And it is the only place in the country where Limberger cheese is made.

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