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Now isn't the countryside just beautiful as we tour around the state in the "57 CHEVY". As you can see the grass looks so green. And can you smell the 'fresh cut grass' smell.
The color green is a calming effect, makes one ponder on what we have learned about this state.

Did you know that the State Parks, and there are 45 of them, and the 9 state forests take up 1/7th of the land. They figure that comes to 476,000 acres. Imagine that!

And that there are 14,000 lakes, with Winnebago being the largest in the state. And there are other several points of interest around the state.
Over on the east side of the state is a city called GREEN BAY. Green Bay was second in the nation for producing paper. And it has lots of points to look at...

The Botanical Gardens

And there is also a living museum of history there too. A place called Heritage Hill Park. as shown here gives you a glimpse of what it is like to live each day as they did in yesterdays gone by.

There is also the 'famous landmark' in Green Bay, the court house. It is the oldest settlement in the midwest still around.

And the sports fan when you think of Green Bay, you think of football. The Green Bay Packers. A great football team. So great that the season football tickets held by the " CHEESEHEADS " have been sold out for the next TWO decades. And don't bother to wait till a ticket holder dies to get their ticket, ( my what a thought) the ticket has been known to be put in the will. And don't go looking for the owner to help you out ~ the fans own the team.

And did you know that Green Bay is one of the busiest ports on the Great Lakes. That lake being Lake Michigan. Depending on which way the goods are traveling it is either the end of the line by water when going to Wisconsin, or the beginning of the trip to reach the Atlantic Ocean, while traveling across the great lakes and the St.Lawrence seaway.

Yes there is much to ponder about Wisconsin, while driving around the state. Did you know that they even prefer to be called " Wisconsinites". Yes; the people of Wisconsin are much like any other people found in the U.S.A. They start out as babies ...

...and they grow-up to be adults, to enjoy life, just like other folks.

Maybe we should take this road up ahead to see where it will take us.

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