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In a little town called Point Pleasant, Ohio on April 27,1822 Jessee and Hannah Grant had a baby boy named, Hiram Ulysses Grant. Jessee was self employed in the leather business, and had a store right next to his house, where he worked to support his wife and family. Business was good and profitable and was still in business many years later when Ulysses finds himself working in the same store, supporting his own wife and family.

In Mt.McGregor, N.Y. on July,23,1885 Ulysses S. Grant died. He fought the battle with throat cancer,and lost. But not before writing his 'memoirs with selected letters from 1839-1865'. This took the last 5 years of his life. He is buried with his wife in, where else but,Grant's Tomb.

He was so well loved by the people, that people all over the world, nearly 90,000 donated more than $600,000.00 towards the construction of Grant's tomb. It is made entirely of granite and marble. The construction was completed in 1897 and still remains today as one of the largest mausoleums in North America. Over a million people attended the dedication of the tomb on 4/27/1897.

In between the birth and death of U.S.Grant lived a man that had adopted a lot of his character from his mother. He was a shy man among strangers but spoke freely with friends. He was honest to a fault, he never swore or used abusive language. He was kind hearted and some say he was too cool during the war. Nothing alarmed him.

Rumors flew around him from everything about his quick rise in the military to his drinking, accused to be a drunkard by those in the ranks who did not want to be in the war, and thought a way to get rid of Grant was to start a rumor to cover their own cowardness. President Lincoln liked Ulysses, so he sent spies to see about this drinking and found it to be a lie. It was true he drank but a drunkard he was not.

Another rumor was that he sacrificed his men in war, because so many men died. Truth was for every man shot 2 men died from disease. Still others were jealous of his quick rise in the ranks of his military career. One man stated so strong of an accusation that President Lincoln stepped in and demanded proof of what the man was saying. The man, was now proven to be a liar, stopped and ran away.

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