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Illinois offers some great colleges and universities. In searching the internet I've found a link where there were 74 listed that have an internet connection or a webpage, and I am sure there are still lots more out there yet waiting to be connected. So there are many colleges in Illinois.
And because of time, we will not be able to visit them all. BUT ~ we can drive over to a few of them. The Big 3. Now in Michigan the big 3 would mean, Chrysler, Ford and General Motors.
But in Illinos it means....

The University of Illinois

Northwestern University

Wheaton University

Enter the university of your choice by clicking on the photo.And then you will be taken to a page where there are more photos of that university, along with some words about each university. Return here when done and we will continue our journey on down the road.

Onward and Upward and off we go, down the road to see what's next. Just like Willie Nelson we are "~on the road again~". Take the purple car to go back and the red car to go next.