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Life' out in the country of Illinois.This is Land of Lincoln. Home of Abraham Lincoln, just one of the well known figures coming out of the midwest from the state of Illinois.

Lincoln Log Cabin is the Last home of Thomas and Sarah Bush Lincoln, parents of Illinois' favorite son Abraham Lincoln. Today, the Lincoln Log Cabin site is being expanded with the addition of Sargent Farm, a living history experience from the 1840's.

The first and last house the Lincoln's ever owned. It was only a story and a half when they purchased it in May of 1844. The home is decorated to reflect the home as it looked in 1860. The Lincoln's lived here for seventeen years.

State Capital in Springfield Ill.

And as we drive around the state we don't want to miss out on seeing many different things such great wonders as this as you drive along interstate 57 and 70. The Cross stands 198 feet tall. Seven local hospitals contributed to the development of this Beacon of Hope, in Effingham Ill.

~can you imagine standing by it and looking up into the heavens ~ breathtaking!!!

Now I ask you where else but in the midwest would you find such a BIG bottle of catsup????? Bring on the french fries.!!!

Now everyoone look to your right and you will not believe your eyes.A little shopping center, where they park the cars a bit different.~>

If this is valet parking out in the midwest ~ please No ThANKS" Can you image the construction of this piece too, with 8 cars. It's a wonder it don't fall over.

Popeye the Sailor Man was once roughed up in Chester, IL. Vandals lassoed the six-foot bronze statue, chained it to a pickup truck, and drove off. Popeye was ripped from his stone pedestal and landed on his face. Happily, the statue proved as tough as its namesake; damage was minor. Repairs have been made to Popeye and they continue to hold their annual Spinach Day Picnics in Chester Illinois.

And yet another famous icon from Illinois

Metropolis is the the self-proclaimed "Hometown of Superman," celebrating its local hero every possible way it can. The local bank is "home of super financial services." The town newspaper calls itself The Planet. A sign in the grocery store informs customers: "Just as Superman stands for truth, justice and the American Way, Food World stands for quality, convenience and friendly service."

And speaking of the American way, you can be assured that you will see plenty of barns along the roads throughout the state. Such as this one.

Were you aware that Illinois has at least 7 'labyrinth' in it's state. Here is a look at just 2 of them.The first in Rockford.Ill. and the second in Elgin Ill.

As you can see these are just awesome to see. Just drive on down the road to see them.And too, speaking of roads we must go on down the road yet to see more of this great state of Lincoln. Take the purple car to go back and the red car to go next.