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Getting all dressed up to go out. Old long forgotten saying of " Putting on the Dog", getting all ready to go out and enjoy the city. Weather it be taking a stroll, watching some cultural events, or enjoying the nightlife. Enjoy your day in the city.

Lawn People!

The city coast line in the rising sun.

The city Skyline of Chicago

Lincolns Tomb

Union Station in Chicago

A Fountain

Chicago Fireworks

Night Life in the City

Blues or Jazz tunes ~ cool man ~

Trade on the big board

Native American Indian celebration

Highlander Games

Ladies and Gentlemen this brings us to the end of the tour of Illinois. I sure hope you enjoyed yourself, and maybe this will inspire you to go visit the state sometime. There are many more places to visit than what I have covered.
Please take the purple car back. No need for the redcar as there is no next. Please sign the guestbook on the first page.Thank You.


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