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This tour has ended. Yes all good things need to come to an end. Any reference to the Drifters is made to an internet touring club that use to be active on the internet. Both owners of the group have died and the group just faded away. But at one time it was an interesting place for me to build many pages of any places to see.
Did you enjoy the tour?
I am sure you did, please leave me a note that you had stopped by. Send an email to me at:

And what did you think about the music? Yuko is a very talented little girl. I found her on te internet years ago when she was just 8 years old.

For your listening pleasure I've chosen music composed and played by a little Japanese girl. Yuko Ohigashi. She started composing at 8 years old and is 14 now. Click on her picture here to go to her website.

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