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Pago Pago

The capital's harbor is surrounded by deep seas on one side and the mountains on the other, like a horseshoe shape.

Now as we near the capital city called Pago Pago, but also pronounced Pango Pango, in the mouth of the harbor is
Flower Pot Island.
And it sure looks like its name, standing tall like a flower pot.

The beaches are of white sand and the sand follows right into the village. There are not many roads that are paved on the island.

Here we see where modern age meets with .... native age, note the automobile in the photo. And note the style of buildings also.

One of the more famous mountains is also known as Rainmaker Mountain.

Well this is the end of the tour. As citizens of the USA you did not need a passport to come here, remember it is a territory of the USA. So pack up your belongings and let's drive the our Chevy down to the shipyard where we can once again travel on the
to get us home.We had such a fun time on the ship getting to the island, that we look forward to the return trip. We want to thank again Bev & Bobby for the ships connections.

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