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Samoa really is at the heart of Polynesian, sitting at the center of a large triangle drawn from Hawaii, to Easter Island and then New Zealand. And in this heart we find these treasures to see ~>

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Robert Louis Stevenson,

In the spring of 1888 he conceived the plan of cruising in the South Seas. He chartered a schooner in San Francisco, and the next three years were spent in cruising among the islands of the Pacific.

He sojourned for shorter or longer periods here and there, always making friends of the natives, In 1891, he settled definitely in Samoa.
He bought land, built a house, and established a plantation there; and there he spent three busy, helpful and, on the whole, happy years, until his death in August, 1894.

With their own hands the natives, chiefs and all, built a road from the seaport, Apia, to Stevenson's house; and they named it Ala Loto Alofa, The Road of the Loving Heart.     
He was buried on a hill on his estate overlooking the sea.

Established in 1973, the Samoa Observatory has survived two major hurricanes with only minor damage. A staff of 2 operates the year around facility commuting to work from staff housing near Pago Pago. Samoa Observatory had the distinction of obtaining 30% of its daytime power from solar panels.

Many of the Apollo missions to the moon of the late '60s and early '70s splashed down near American Samoa and that the astronauts from many of these missions came through there. Apollo 10, Apollo 12 and yes, Apollo 13 did splashdown here. Along with Apollo 14 to Apollo 17.

And while waiting for the astronauts to come to the international airport at Pago Pago, people were starting to gather to get a good view of them.Even from overhead.

And coconuts grow on the island, here we see one of the local Samoan's with some coconuts around him

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