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Where is Samoa? Located in the South Pacific and midway between Hawaii and New Zealand, Samoa consists of two entities; Western Samoa - an independent nation since 1961, and American Samoa - a U.S. Territory since 1900. Samoa is generally referred to as the "Cradle of Polynesia"

Now that we know where we are going, pack up your summer clothes, temps will be in the 70 to 90, don't forget lots of sunscreen and sunglasses. I see Barbie is ready to go!

and let's climb aboard the old '57 CHEVY and drive on down to the shipyard, where we can watch the old car get loaded onto the cruise ship.

And then we will set sail for the American Samoa located some 2,600 miles south-west of Hawaii and along 14 degrees latitude 'south of the equator' and 170 degrees longitude covers an area of 77 square miles.

Many thanks to the B & B crew, for their connections to get our "57 CHEVY loaded onto the cruise ship the;


If we drive our old "57 Chevy on the island we will need to get a temporary drivers license there. And in order to see the other Islands we can tour, on the local turbo prop engine airplane that is for hire.

Before you leave or maybe after you've taken the tour. I want to say
for viewing these pages.

Click on the Chevy Logo to start the tour:

I found there is little tropical island music available on the internet. But if you like piano music you won't be dissapointed with Miss Yuko. Her music will be found on the following 6 pages. There is info about her on the last page.

Editors Note: It may take time for the page to load as there are many graphics. Things have been reduce to speed things along, but as they say, many make a crowd!