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  • Z A C H A R Y  *  T A Y L O R

  • NOVEMBER 24, 1784

  • JULY 9, 1850

  • He was first buried in the Congressional Cemetery, Washington D.C. - July 13, 1850. His remains were then shipped back to his home in Louisville, Kentucky on October 25, 1850. There, they remained in the family vault until he and his wife were moved to their final resting place on May 6, 1926 in the mausoleum.

    He remained there undisturbed until June 17, 1991 when his body was brought out of the crypt for the exhumation.
    In the late 1980's, author Clara Rising theorized that he was murdered by poison and was able to convince Taylor's closest living relative, as well as the Jefferson Co., KY Coroner, to order an exhumation.
    Since his wife would not allow embalming at the time of his death in 1850, his remains did not allow more extensive testing to be done.
    The results came back 9 days later that his body contained arsenic, but no more than what a normal human being would have and his death was ruled as severe gastroenteritis.

    It was said that during the 4th of July celebrations he was eating cherries with ice cold milk. There was some thought that the cherrries may have had some deadly germs on them and combined with the ice cold milk on a very hot day, caused him to become ill.

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