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Some of the famous battles and wars that Zachary Taylor was in. Battles where lives were lost. Death was rampant. Rumors were spread, and one of the rumors mentioned Zachary as;


a ROUGH man in his looks and the way he dressed, but READY, as a career man he was always ready to to battle if need be, or just be ready to serve his country.

The Mexican War, the war that made him a national Hero!

The battle at Montery, and notice his horse "Whitey". When Taylor went to the White House he brought Whitey with him. As visitors came to visit, they pulled a few hairs of the horse tail for good luck.

The Lake Okeechobee battle against the Seminole Indians.

His regiment was ordered to Fort Jesup in 1837 but en route Taylor received orders directing him to assume command of the forces in Florida, where the second Seminole War was erupting. In December, 1837 he set out with a force of 1,100 men and followed the Indians into the Everglades. He defeated the Seminoles in a desperate battle near Lake Okeechobee on December 25.
Having secured for the United States much valuable property, Taylor was breveted to Brigadier-General and in May, 1838 assumed command of the Department from General Thomas S. Jesup. Taylor resigned his command in 1840 and toured the Eastern United States

Here is a timeline of his military career;
  • 1806 his start in the military, brief but a beginning

  • 1808 First Lieutenant, 7th Infantry

  • 1809 promoted to Captain

  • 1810 assigned to Fort Knox where his company of 50 men defended Fort Harrison against 400 Indians on Sept.4 1810

  • 1812 he was breveted to Major

  • 1816 President Madison gave him a commission as Major

  • 1819 Promoted to Lieutenant

  • 1822 he builds his second fort. This one in Jessup in the Louisiana frontier.

  • 1827 returns to Baton Rouge

  • 1828 appointed to Commander of Fort Snelling

  • 1832 promoted to Colonel and given command of 1st regiment ofFort Crawford.

  • 1838 breveted to Brigadier General

  • 1840 resigned his command to travel the east coast

  • 1842 ordered to Fort Gibson to relieve the General in Command

  • 1842 alls quiet on the home front. Zachary buys Cypress Grove plantation in La. The indians remain quiet for the next 2 years

  • 1844 He is ordered to Fort Jessup to be ready to do battle at the slightest notice.

  • 1845 arrived at Corpus Christi with over 4000 men

  • 1846 ordered to advance to the Rio Grande and do battle there at Palo Alto, where he and his men defeated a Mexican army that was 3 times larger than his own.

  • May 13, 1846 War Declared!

  • September 21. 1846 near the end of the War he attacked Montery.

  • 1847 Zachary Taylor hailed as a National Hero, and he now retires to Baton Rouge on December 5. 1847

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