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The autumn is fading The greenery is no more And rusted leaves shrivel Crumbling to ashes The world is out of season Warm and dying with The closing of the months The balm of spring pushes through Rushing past the winter chill No cycle ever have we experienced Which thwarts our emotions And harvest like this Our country weeps Invaded an violated While proud and strong Our brave eagle soars Dropping a tear and Tipping a wing Turn from the sundown's Bringing the black of night Look to the east for The rising of the sun A memorial to Easter and The Rite of Spring Maidens dance and blossoms sway All is a memory Lived in the past The Hallelujah Chorus sings praise To the "King of Kings and Lord of Lords." Music fills the battered soul An extraordinary season for A nation humbled with grief Will rise with New York City's December Easter Dawn.

DORCAS 12-5-01

Dorothy Wildhagen

**[ I have a friend thru my email trips around the internet, who I have found out is a well known author. This is one of her poems. I have only put color and music to it. ]**

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