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I've many directories here at KmartKat, and within each directory there should be an index page for each. Except for the directories used for the

They are an internet virtual travel group of friendly friends who have come together to make and share webpages of a specific interest. It started out as webpages of each state in the union. Then went on to each President of the United States, and now has gone on to the territories of the USA.

I am what they call a pitcrew member, as I have made a few webpages for them. And did I know anything about the subjects I wrote about? NO! and there was already my home state done (Michigan) so I picked a state that had not been done yet.And I found all I could on the internet.

February 5,2004
Today the owner/co-owner of the USA Drifters died of cancer. Marcy has touched so many lives on and off the internet, she will be missed by many.
Marcy and her husband Joe was very helpfull to me when I was making these webpages for the USA DRIFTERS, they sent me all sorts of info to use in gathering information on the subjects. They told me how to present my webpages so they would load faster (now Tripod slows them down more with more ads!). Marcy enjoyed my Illinois webpage a lot because I featured the University where her children went, she was very proud of them. I will miss my online friend Marcy.

Here at KmartKat @ Tripod I've done these webpages for the USA DRIFTERS: Take a look around: ~>

Zachary Taylor
Ulysses S. Grant
American Samoa
Other US Territories

And then I have a favorite page I'm working on about the Holy Bible.Nothing to do with the usa drifters, but my own project. I have the old testament done, now I have to finish it with the new testament.(seems I never find the time to finish it, but I will someday) I seem to be lost in time to get it done though. Go LOOK and see it!

66 Books of the BIBLE

AND there a couple more pages here for now. I may move them elsewhere. I want to keep KmartKat open just for my USA DRIFTERS pages and my 66 books of the Bible. But for now they are here and they are called ~>

jungle page
flag folding
dorcas poem

AND LAST but most usefull to me anyway, my "how to page"! If you have a background with a border, and you don't want your text or graphics to go over the border, this page will give you the code to do it right. check this page out;

Backs with Borders

So do you want to talk about it? Send me some email, no guestbook this time. Love hearing from you! Just click on the banner below.

aka;Kathy of KathysWeb