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I want to say "Thank You" to my Lord for his unconditional Love that he has for me. And without that Love I would not be the person I am today. These pages were made in the sprit of God's Love for you and me. Need proof; read John3:16

The Holy Bible.
One of THE oldest books that I know of and it is still in use today. The Holy Bible is one of the oldest books still read today as it was read many many years ago. The good book as it is also refered to, is a book to be read daily. Some have also referred it as:
(B) basic (I) instructions (B) before (L) leaving (E) earth
and then when you and the whole family went to church, well of course you took your bible along....

Grandma use to have a marker in her bible that said "Families that Pray together, Stay together". How true!

.....The Bible is in 2 parts. OLD and NEW
The OLD TESTAMENT has 39 books, and the NEW TESTAMENT has 27 books. There are many differant authors and some have written more than one book.
There are lots of different stories in the bible. The main theme of the whole book is God's Love to us but there are also stories of love, hate, war and death, and stories to make you laugh or cry, and sing praises to the Lord..
Keep in mind these are all true stories. Written over 2000 years ago. In the 66 books of the bible you will find or should find something to your liking.
On the next page is a "list of all 39 books" in the OLD TESTAMENT. With an introduction of what to expect in that book.
** I have not put the BIBLE here,** goodness NO

just an introduction to the books themselves.

Now I was raised with the KING JAMES VERSION, and I found it very hard to read. Then one day, while at the airport I was looking for something to read, I spotted a book with pretty roses all over it and to my surprise it was the bible. The new look and the special devotional poems inserted through out it does not change the bible at all, but the words were (re-worded /updated in the same meaning but in todays english) so much easier to understand. It is so so much better to read. Recently there is also a NEW KJV that came out and is also easier to read and understand too.
I have the Womens Devotional Bible, NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION, with the red roses and selected poetry inside.
This is where I got the idea to make this web page. To place all the book introductions in one easy location. In my NIV bible, "each of the 66 books of the bible begin with an introduction. The introductions highlight themes, provide helpful background information and offer practical applications to your life," as quoted from my NIV bible.

So if you are eager to read some stories that are close to 2000 years old, but in todays language you may want to visit the book store near you. or Kmart, no need to go to the airport to get something to read, (ha ha ha).

So check on what I have made here. Then *Go* get your bible and read a good book.

There is also a very good online bible that is easy to read along with.

Here is a link that ask a very good question.
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